April 14, 2024 2:43 pm

A Well Developed Talent is better than a Hundred Shallow Talents


Talents are natural abilities we have without being taught. A Talent is a gift that one is born with. There are different kinds of Talents from Music, Athletics, Writing and many more.

Every Human being has a Talent but most people have not discovered their Talent.

Another crucial issue here is that most Human beings have different talents or abilities but some don’t discover it, till they die. There are many Talents buried in the grave.

If Humans have a lot of talents embedded in them, should they develop all these numerous talents?. This is a critical issue, As the saying goes, ” Jack of all trades and master of none. Can I be a footballer, writer and Musician at the same time? I will say ” No” because the growth of a particular talent may limit the growth of another talent.

For a particular talent to be developed, it needs time, attention and focus. A particular person that discover that he has the talent of an Athletic must take years of practice before he competes in the Olympics.

It is better to master and develop a particular talent than to develop all other shallow faculties. I have discovered that it is just one developed Talent that makes a Man famous or brings fame.

Anna Andzutsii

How can I Develop My Talents

  • Have passion for it
  • Give it time and attention
  • Practice it regularly
  • Meet someone with a talent like yours that is ahead of you to coach or mentor you
  • Be patient
  • Have a role model with a talent like yours.

Though there are people who are multi – talented that can do different things but  it is a particular talent that has brought breakthrough for them.


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