April 17, 2024 12:30 pm

Affirmations: How to manifest them.


Many times we wake up with that enthusiasm, ready to take on the day. Other times, we wake up with nostalgic feelings, wanting to go back to the bed.
You’ ve heard different life coaches talk about affirmations and its effects on your day. You’ ve affirmed but none is turning out real. You have read books on different ways of affirming, yet what we wish for seem not to manifest.
Where exactly could be going wrong? What exactly are you missing? Are you saying it wrong or mincing words?
You couldn’t get the answers to these questions. Then, you dumped affirming because it was useless and a waste of time.
What is affirmation?
According to English dictionary  “affirmation is a declaration of something that is true”. It is “a form self forced meditation and repetition “. Napoleon Hill calls it ‘autosuggestion’.
Before I show you what’s stopping your affirmations from working, let me put it right that there is no special way to affirm or special words to affirm. You affirm what you want in whatever language you want.
Let’s dive.
How to manifest your affirmations
  1. Desire:
Very often, we claim to want something but our why power is missing. When we have a reason to wish for something, then the desire burns.
While affirming, let the burning desire to have speak along. Let that desire be the emotion you attach to your affirmation. Let it be the backing to your wish.
When next you affirm, speak like you truly want it.
  1. Faith:
Faith is defined as the assurance of things hoped for and the conviction of the things not seen. Faith is the certainty that you have what you want.  Mind you, I didn’t say,  you will have what you want but you already have it.
Faith is the belief that what you want, what you desire is yours. Faith is responsible for the manifestation of that thing we want in our subconscious mind.
When next you affirm with burning desire, speak like you already have what you want.
  1. Repetition:
It is said that repetition is the father of mastery. Just because you are affirming and you aren’t seeing the immediate manifestation isn’t enough reason to stop.
We need to repeat what we want for our subconscious mind to believe and start acting on it. Be consistent in affirming. Affirm every morning, when you wake up and every night before you fall asleep.
It is only through repetition backed up with desire and faith that our subconscious mind aligns with what we want and automatically attracts those things we want.
Desire + Faith + Repetition = Manifestation
So, you see what’s wrong in your affirmations.  Implore these tips in your affirmations and see them manifesting before your eyes.
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Schwiz Josh
1 year ago

You nailed it! Faith really does unlock possibilities between worlds.



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