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Discipline Yourself – Take Action


You can’t get what you want especially money when you aren’t discipline. That is when you don’t take action. After discovering who you really are and your talent, having money making mindset, the next step to making money in future easily is to discipline yourself. That is taking necessary actions.

After forming the habits of thinking positively in line with your talents, sometimes wonderful ideas will hit you to act on them. What you do with these ideas determines whether or not you’re going to be successful or make money.
When you don’t discipline yourself to take action on your ideas, when you allow the body to be so weak to work the work your ideas requires, when you leave the doors of procrastination open, then you would remain where you are without changing and you never can get rich that way.

You need to change who you are to get what you want. What you want in life, especially money requires form of change from you. And you never can make that change if you don’t take responsibility of your current situation and strive to discipline yourself – taking action.

A billion dollar idea may hit you severally and you may still remain poor, simply because you never disciplined yourself to take action on ideas. The level of discipline you give yourself depends on the level of desire you have burning within you for what you want to get.
You must desire money so much for you to have it. This burning desire would help you discipline yourself and take action when those ideas come – of course, they always come. But once your level of desire is low, so your level of discipline to a cause is. If you don’t desire it much, you become lazy to take action. And only when you take action can something be done. Only when we take action can things change.

Only when you take necessary action can you make money. You must learn to discipline yourself.
The whole phrase is like writing a wonderful book. The idea strikes you someday, probably with a title that can solve a problem. You must be so disciplined to act on this idea. You must first seat yourself down to write the first word, then the first sentence and then the first paragraph if you must complete the book.

By then, you must have successfully taken action on that idea to ensure success. But if you don’t discipline yourself to write, maybe an hour or two daily or about 2,000 words daily, you would never finish that book.

Success in life requires some level of discipline. It doesn’t just require it, it demands it from you. You must give it out to be successful.
Starting up a business is very necessary, it means you have successfully taken action on an idea, which is great but making money from such business and hitting success demands discipline from you. You need to focus all your attention to discipline yourself better.
You don’t just plant a seed and leave it all by itself. Planting is just the first step to succeeding and making money. Taking action is just the first step. There’re lots of other things to be done. Discipline comes after taking action.

The ability to set your goals and guide your every action towards achieving that goal is known as discipline. Discipline is a key to success. So don’t expect it to be an easy ground.

Discipline will make you give up even what you would naturally love to do because, you desire what you don’t have and you have to change yourself to get what you want. only discipline can help you change.

How Can You Be More Disciplined?

To become disciplined, you must work in line with these two guides;
Be determined to be disciplined (it has to come from within; your thoughts must have made such resolution).
Proper time management; time management is really a big one though but see time as life, as all you’ve got, as a tool to achieve what you want. A disciplined person is one who manages time very well.

To achieve anything in life, there’re set rules that guide such movements. These rules must be applied, that is taking necessary actions and the only thing that makes one take an action after a successive action and after another is discipline.
Discipline and actions drive progress in any field. Especially when you are set to hit a goal of making money in the future.

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2 years ago

I believe that meeting you guys here on this site is not a mistake.
I have been learning several thing every now and then.
I thank you all for helping me become the man I want to be




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