July 5, 2022 12:48 am

The Psychology of Attraction (Introduction)


In our introduction, we established the fact that charm brings attraction. So invariably, no charm no attraction and no attraction no meaningful relationships.

The Psychology of Attraction, Attractive Personality

Attraction isn’t only about looks. Of course, we can be physically attracted to someone but we are more often drawn to their confidence, passion and personality. We are attracted to what gratifies our MIND and not just our physical senses. It is the mind where the processing of likes and dislikes take place. So appealing to the mind is winning 70% of the battle. The rest can be taken care of by nice clothes and other externals that appeal to the senses.

So how can you attract the mind of just anybody you desire?

The practical skills are discussed further in the premium class.

Register now for the class online with just a token far less than the usual cost when we organise physical classes and training programs. Learn the practical skills and secrets and become that charming and irresistible personality you’ve always desired to be.

See you in the premium class.

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Soly, is a seasoned writer and a passionate human capital development coach. A strong believer in leadership and personal development as an art/science and a friend to all.
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