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ICT jobs are currently some of the top highest-earning jobs in the world! This is because of the high demand of programmers and tech-savvy individuals as a result of the steady growth of technological improvements in this current generation. 

For this reason, a lot of people have been trying to learn tech skills such as programming. However, in this tumultuous era of a pandemic, many people have been forced to stay at home.

So the best option to learn and earn is online. If you’re one of them, or you’re just looking for places online where you can learn how to program, then read this article till the end. 

Here, I’ll be listing 10 places online where you can learn how to programme. And the best thing is that some of them are free! 

They are:


Udemy is the top global site for learning and teaching. It links students up to the best possible learning medium. Interestingly, Udemy has over a thousand programming courses on its platform that teach its users how to program anything from scratch! Topics such as Web development, mobile app, game development and so on.


The aim of this platform is to provide good quality education to everyone anywhere in the world by making it free. You can learn how to programme by taking free college standard courses online from some of the best universities and higher institutions in the world, on this platform.       


If you’re new to programming and you’re looking for a newbie-friendly platform to learn then COURSERA is the best site for you. 

Courses on COURSERA are taught by actual professors from some of the best schools in the world and guess what? All courses are free! You only get to pay for certification (if you wish) to show that you really took the courses. 


If you’re someone who loves learning in a fun, motivating way and at your own pace, then Khan Academy is the platform for you. 

The courses on it are absolutely free and the platform is tailored to give you a relaxed, fun experience while teaching yourself how to programme. You don’t need to sign up in order to access the courses on Khan Academy. Just find your way to their website and start learning right away!


 No matter how much you teach yourself, you can never know it all. Imagine learning how to programme and getting stuck somewhere where you don’t understand what’s going on, if only you could ask people who are also doing the same stuff. Well, at FreeCodeCamp you can do that.

The platform not only teaches you to learn programming but also comprises a big community where questions and solutions are shared amongst like minded individuals. Everything is free and you can get certified by doing 5 final projects on the site


This platform partners with tech giant Companies such as Facebook, GitHub, Google, IBM, etc to produce learning contents to teach individuals and sharpen their skills by making them work on projects aimed at actual global challenges.


This platform is one of the best for newbie programmers. The learning method is based on interactive sessions where students learn and practice, what they learn and get immediate results.


This platform is so unique and fun as it provides a captivating method of teaching for its students. It uses a martial arts theme to teach students. Basically, challenges called “Kata” have to be passed for a user to earn “honour” and go up the ranks. This brilliant method of learning is convenient for users that enjoy a good game!


This is a bit different from other programming platforms as it is mobile-based. It is a social platform where you learn how to programme on any device, anytime. The platform makes learning fun with interactive quizzes, achievements to unlock plus its FREE!   

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This platform specifically offers course materials that are targeted at improving the rate of female and minority students venturing into ICT careers. Their courses are tailored for preteens and teens but can be used by students of all ages. 

You can see how easy it is to enrol and start learning how to programme no matter the type of method you prefer learning with. So why don’t you get on that keypad and clickety-click away?! 



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I’ll check them out

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Thanks much
I’ll try it out

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This for the information and making it available!




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