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Self Hate: A form of Mental Slavery


Self Hate: A form of Mental Slavery

Self Hate has to do with detesting yourself self. Self hate causes mental slavery. Hatred is blind more than love and anyone that hates himself cannot see anything good or interesting about himself.

The saying ” I hate Myself” is becoming so common and after that the next is ” I want to Die”. It is more dangerous to hate yourself than to hate other people. In Human Psychology ,  People avoid other people they hate. For example when they see them passing a particular road they use the next road but  the question here is ” How can I avoid myself since I detest myself? , That is an impossible thing to do. Hating yourself can be very depressing.

People have lived in the bondage of Self Hate for a lifetime, they can’t just tolerate themselves.

Self Hate is a serious psychological condition that must be addressed before it ravages our society.

Causes of Self Hate

  • Believing you are Cursed
  • When friends and family abandon you
  • Seeing yourself as a failure
  • Feeling defeated
  • Inferiority Complex
  • Guilt
  • When People hate you
  • When people don’t appreciate your potentials
  • Nothing you do is ever successful
  • Feeling of regret
  • A painful past
  • Alot of broken relationship

Self Hate is the mother of depression and depression is the mother of suicide. Self Hate is common among youths and has ravaged the society.

Self Hate can also be can causedby guilt of a painful memory. As Humans, we don’t just forgive other but ourselves and move on.
Self Hate can dishumanise someone and kill a lot of potentials in an individual. a person engrossed in Self Hate cannot see anything good about himself, Self Hate is a slow killer.
The first victory over Self Hate is to love yourself, no matter how you are. In addition, Stop living to please people and also stop feeling defeated.
Moreso, No one can make you feel inferior without your consent, Inferiority Complex starts from the mind. People only see you in the way you look at yourself.
Love Yourself because you are unique, adorable and incredible. You are simply the best.

Self Hate: A form of Mental Slavery

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