March 27, 2023 12:23 am

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What does it mean to say its your season? When is your time?
After studying pollination in plants and plants yielding fruits in their due season, I found out the true nature of opportunity ✍

Plants yield fruits not because it’s their season but because they were persistent.

The Science of Seasons

✅ With respect to plants

⬜With respect to weather

Ever noticed plants never stop bringing out new leaves and shedding old ones? That’s a form of persistence.

Every fruit a plant bears was strictly by opportunity. In regards to our success, it works that way too.

I wrote in a theory on opportunity that we seize opportunity by information whereas plants don’t. I discovered that plants actually seize opportunities by information too.

Take a perennial plant, for example, the first 2 years was used by the plant to observe our weather and know the exact time to flower. This applies to annual and biennial plants too.

And when they flower, they present themselves ready and this readiness puts them in a condition (recall my note on the Science of condition) where I said that condition brings about events and events influences condition.

This condition brings about the event of insects aimed at pollinating these plants, or pollen transfer events

None of these are carried out by the plant. They’re all carried out by external factors. And all these are happening to the plant because it presented itself ready and ordered. (Ever observed how fruits cluster in plants? That’s order.

Imagine you were a mango plant, you spent your first 2 years *educating* yourself about your environment and the weather. *Persistently* producing leaves and *learning that your strength* to reproduce lies in the onset of the rainy season. You graduate from the school of climate and you persistently make leaves and you make your flowers with your special *knowledge* of timing. And *opportunity* slams on you as the insects comes around and you’re like “The bees are here😃” *Success* becomes sure for you and you know your *season* is here.

Take note of all the words in between asterisks, they’re powerful.

In conclusion, learn your strengths, educate yourself there. Set your goals, persistently work towards it. Create order. When opportunity slams, you’ll be ready. And when opportunity meets readiness., that’s a success.

It will definitely come. Just keep on, like the plant.

Thanks for reading ✍

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Charity Clifford
Charity Clifford
2 years ago

Nature is beautiful

2 years ago

Success all the way….

2 years ago

How do I even imagine I am a plant? Lol… It’s nice tho

2 years ago

Beautiful piece

Violet Effect
2 years ago

Nature is very complicated. You never can tell with it.

2 years ago

This is very true




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