June 6, 2023 11:54 pm

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Everything You Wanted to Know About The DNA


The DNA can be likened to be a cabinet 🗄
With a thousand drawers, each containing thousands of files, each files containing information about creation.
Some drawers are deprecated whilst some contain a changelog, an evolutionary story, something like a story of history.
Some drawers contain live files, files in use, files that life forces acted on to create every cell in your body.
A drawer contains files that are important, but not live. They could be hereditary traits. You don’t show them, but they are in you.
Another drawer in this cabinet contains files that will be passed to your offspring. Sometimes life edits this contents with traits that tend to favour you so that they can be passed to your offspring.
Certain drawers contain files that are similar to files in the DNA cabinet of animals. It tells us we share a story with animals, and we all are one.
The very thing that makes us alive must be clever and good at bookkeeping.
I posted months earlier and I’ll use it to illustrate
As reported from a science research, women are evolving to give birth with CS. In other words, the rate of CS delivery worldwide is increasing.
The cause can’t be any clearer as somehow we are telling life that we’re not only delivering babies but also getting away with the pain of labour when we opt in for CS. In some countries women who are completely OK just opt in for Caeserian Section. Thus telling the universe to pay less attention to fetal orientation In subsequent generations
If you understood this piece, here are some fun insight it gives  into today’s world. Here’s a few I’ve derived.
  • Anything that’s peculiar to a Tribe or region (be it good or bad) could be either what makes them thrive, what favors them or what makes them beautiful.
  • Females in the coming generation won’t have to worry about their shape no more as the likelihood of such trait increases on DNA bookkeeping.
If you gave attention to my excogitative piece, I hope you find it illustrative & enlightening.
Thanks for reading 😇 I’m still your Scientist & Techie.

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