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Key to Wealth – The Science of Appreciation


Appreciation is a function of the mind and an intellectual component possessed by only intelligent animals most specifically humans

Its the process of taking cognizance of something, an accurate perception of an information, or value.

A basic scenario where this plays is when a child learns the letter A. Prior to learning that, the child was never able to pronounce it. But after being taught, the child was able to link it with a sound, “Ayyyyy” and also Apple 🍏 right?T

The child therefore, has an *accurate perception* of A

And the child is said to appreciate A

Accurate perception = Appreciation (equation 1)

Recall the process that leads to accurate perception, which is, “linking” , or association

Before we appreciate something, our mind must link it to something else.

If i mention something like Davido, your mind automatically links it to a number of things

Lets denote Number of things by Nx

(Nx) , then him, his music, his acts. This brings a parameter we’ll define by P

P is perception 

P = (Nx)

Nx = Perception x C = Appreciation 

C is what determines if our perception is up or down, accurate or in-accurate. If C = 0 there is no appreciation. It’s unrecognized

The total number of linkages (Nx) we have about something determines how much we Appreciate it.


Recall, that appreciation is an intellectual component of the mind.

Its in theory that the mind mirrors the universe, and it’s a universe of its own.


Mind = Universe…(equation 2)I

There’s another principle in the universe that says 

1. Opposite things attract 

2. For every action theres an equal and opposite reaction ~ Newtons 3rd law

For a mind to bring 1 and 2 together to appreciate it, it could tell the difference. We appreciate some things more when we loose it or when we’re without it. It’s a difference created in the mind that linked 💯


Mind = Universe( mirror) 

You = Your people, your world =

Mental (Nx) = Universe (Nx)

Appreciating things in life causes the universe to appreciate you in return, linking more of the exact same things, back to you ⚡

Here’s an instance. If you appreciate an apple so much,  you find it so easy to spot, anywhere. You’d always go in the direction of it. 

You’d literally see more of this stuff than anyone else. Cos deep inside, it’s appreciated with plenty Nx. 

You get it?

Another instance 

When you give out honor, it’s reciprocated. 

Hence, you encounter more of the things you appreciate. You appreciate something? You tend to get more of it 💯

You can compound your Nx by counting your blessings or saying / listing what good something is to you.

Nx compounded, determines the precision of C.



Imagine multiplying each digit by 2

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1 year ago

I wonder what appreciation will seem to be perceived as by a more advanced being.
I can also deduce from this article that appreciation could be regarded as a gradual surmount of comprehended informations, T.




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