March 27, 2023 5:08 am

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Love vs Hate Energy – The Analysis


If there was no living thing existing on earth, will there be any such thing as love? Does that energy exist? 🤔


The answer is Yes


Let’s analyze 👉 Love


Love is actually an impetus, a force that binds, or keeps together. It’s what makes you not wake up one day and separate from your family or friend, or spouse. 


In the biological construct, its what we know as love.


It’s in our nature to survive, hence love is translated in that language of biology.


Outside biology, in the physics of the hostile universe, it’s not love, but still similar energy.


It’s a force responsible for binding, ordering and negative Entropy 


And it’s same energy that started life on earth


In this same universe is the opposite of love. Hate. In biological construct, it is hate, but in the non-living, vast universe, hate is simply an energy just like love. 


It act in the opposite way. It pulls apart. It scatters and it randomizes


Both energies exists to in fact, cause existence. They strike balance and without one, there will be none.


 We all know the purpose of love (one love keeps people together, keeps you and someone, keeps you and something. Ties your knots. 


But what’s the purpose of hate? 


Especially as regards survival of all biology?


I’ll like to hear from you

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