June 6, 2023 9:19 pm

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The Purpose of Hate (LOVE VS HATE ANALYSIS)


Recall the last analysis on love and hate. I asked if hate has a purpose in all living biome.

The answer could be that hate has no purpose at all. In fact, it does not exist as far as the force of life is concerned.

You repel some or something, cos you feel hate for it

But that’s cos you feel love for yourself too and you want to keep yourself together and far from harm.

Overall, no hate.

The hate we feel is manufactured by our minds. It’s not in the character of life

I can say that it’s only humans that are capable of feeling hate in its totality.

Life functions by love. Check the rest of nature, you won’t see any form of hate

Its love that started life on earth, and it will function and be sustained by love, not hate.

There’s already hate in the universe. Recall Entropy

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Here’s where it reflects in our society

1. Do you know that its only humans that can commit suicide? That’s hate in its totality. Cos you bring entropy upon yourself

Entropy can be defined as the degree of disorder in a system

2. Most conscience ills in the society such as strife, greed, stealing, murder, etc are born out of hate. Many of which has a direct correlation with the entropy of the living planet 🌏. i.e, our activities hurt the planet and her biodiversity

Channeling hate towards these ills is like giving to caesar what belongs to caesar. You realize that what we need in our world is love. Yes love and hate can exist but hate was made to go to any cause of entropy

When we love we go in the same tide with life, nature and all she wants. We leverage the overall power of a living force when we walk in love.

Its like swimming. When you swim along with the current, infact, you don’t need to waste your energy. The overall kinetic energy of the water is in your favor

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Meshack bello
Meshack bello
1 year ago

Very wise suggest




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