July 24, 2021 5:39 am



Senator Nwaboshi denies receiving letter from NDDC over N2.5 billion refund

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N2.5 billion refund: Senator Nwaboshi denies receiving letter from NDDC

The Chairman Senate Committee on Niger Delta Affairs, Peter Nwaboshi has denied receiving a letter, allegedly emanating from the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) requesting a refund of N2.5 billion from him for unimplemented contracts.

In a statement on Saturday by his Media Team, Nwaboshi said the purported letter credited to one Peter Okoro, posing as the Director, Legal Services, was addressed to him was written on the 5th of July 2020.

According to the statement, as of today, August 8, 2020, said letter has not reached the Senator, either in person or his office or by substitution.

“We have searched through the internet, no one has seen a copy of an officially signed letter on the above claim.

“This would have helped us identify whoever has signed to go to jail for such an unimaginable falsehood in a supposed corporate environment.

“The purported letter, unlike any formal letter emanating from a recognized government Ministry, Agency or Department is not signed, therefore, can easily be denied.

“The ostensive letter is obviously fake as it was not conveyed through the official letter-headed paper of the NDDC.

“One would not expect any serious media organisation to pay attention to such as it is obviously meant for the usual blackmail to divert attention from the monumental corruption charges hanging on the management,” the statement read.

The Media Team frowned at media organisations for failing to reach out for a balanced story and for ignoring the many obvious traps in the said letter including the wrong name of the Commission which was written as the “Delta Development Commission” in the piece sighted online.

The statement said, nowhere in the contents of the purported letter was it stated that the contractor is directly linked to Nwaoboshi, adding that nowhere in the purported letter was it stated that the warehouse, where the plastic chairs were domiciled belonged to the senator.

“It is expected that since the said letter did not claim the contract was awarded to Sen Peter Nwaboshi, there was no way he could be asked to make a refund.

“The scam meant for blackmail contain the ominous sign of a fake piece; the purported letter is absolutely fake and should be ignored by the public.

“We also appeal to the media to be more diligent and not allow criminals on the prowl to take false advantage of the freedom of expression to malign innocent citizens.

“We appeal to the media organisations who have published, unknowingly, to immediately correct the attempt to legitimize the fake piece.

“We are also not ruling out media urchins who may have been recruited by the desperate members of the Interim Management Committee (IMC) of NDDC in an attempt to divert public attention from the humongous corruption allegations,” the statement read further.

It urged the public to pay no attention to such debauchery and challenged the NDDC Interim Management Committee (IMC) to go to court of law or make use of every legal procedure available to them, hence “clear conscience fears no accusation”.

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