October 1, 2023 1:35 pm

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[Comedy] I Will Never Lie Again

1. Today I was coming back from church, and in the bus there sat a very pretty girl.
2. All the guys in the bus were staring at her. Some of them passed their destinations without knowing.
3. As for me, I was very proud of myself because I sat next to her. I did all the signs I could to make her feel my presence.
4. But all was in vain.
5. An idea came to my mind. I took my phone and dialed a fake number like some guys always do to attract girls’ attention.
6. Me: Hello Sam, I’m calling to tell you that I can’t make it today because I’ve just received a call from our CEO
7. He’s asking me to replace him at a meeting because he is not yet back in the country.
8. Please tell my brother to use my Range Rover 2017 to pick my mum from her dentist. I will be home late. Thanks Sam. I will Sam. Once again, thanks.
9. All this while, the girl was looking at me. I said in my mind that she would fall for me if I spoke to her now…
10. Me: Hi baby, why are you looking at me like that? Are you surprised?
11. Girl : Pls pick up your phone battery. It fell when you were taking your phone out of your pocket……..
I couldn’t raise my head till I got off the bus

The End

#funny #comedy

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