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Money Dey Lagos – A Short Story

1. One fateful day, my very good friend, Chike, returned back to the village with a brand new car, tons of cash and other luxuries. He was widely celebrated in the village.
2. I was astonished, as I sat on my bed that night. I resolved to ask Chike, the secret of his success after 6 months of being in Lagos. Omo! Chike don blow.
3. The next day, I woke up early dressed in my best outfit and set out to Chike’s house, a few mile away.
4. Luckily, when I reached Chike’s house. He was alone pressing his laptop with bottles of wine rallied round his table. He exchanged pleasantries with me.
5. After a while, I pleaded with Chike to tell me the secret of his success. “Guy you don blow” I hailed
6. Chike smiled and cleared his voice, “Of course, I will tell you my friend. I was returning from work one day, at Lagos bridge, I saw one ghana-must-go-bag. I carried it to my small apartment. Lo and behold, I opened it and found a ton of money ” he narrated.
7. I was looking at him like this
8. I thanked him and left. I went back home and sold all my useful properties and got enough cash to transport myself to Lagos. Omo! am the next millionaire
9. 8. As I reached Lagos, I no plan to work. Nah my ghana must go bag I dey find.
10. 9. Two days later, around 7pm I was already at Lagos bridge. Lo and behold, I saw a ghana-must-go-bag heavily loaded.
11. Sharp sharp! I called a cab and bundled the bag inside. I dived into the back seat. No stress
12. The driver reached my destination. I paid for myself and the load
13. I jeje walked inside my one room apartment, locked the door,switch on the fan,sat on the floor and opened the bag to bring out my cash.
14. First thing I brought out was woman head tie, slippers wey don cut, dirty panties.
15. I didn’t know say nah mad woman property I carry

The End

Credits : Jacy Writes

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