March 27, 2023 5:55 am

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Seeing Horror Movies at Night

1. One certain night, I downloaded a horror movie titled ‘the nun’. Being bored and wide awake that night, I decided to watch the movie in my one-room apartment. “Shey it’s ordinary film.” I hissed.
2. As I got halfway through the movie, I realised that this one pass horror. So I paused it and told myself that the next morning, I will continue. No need forming tough girl on this one, biko.
3. I closed my movie app and laid on my bed with my eyes wide open, shinning like torch light. First, I heard strange noises in my kitchen which on a normal day, I would have thought was a rat.
4. But this time around, my mind was open to the supernatural. And as I turned my stiff neck to where the sound came from, NEPA took light.
5. Being a girl whose life is so precious to her, I didn’t waste any time to unbolt my door and dash out of my haunted room, into my next door neighbour’s.
6. I didn’t want to tell or show her that I ran out of my room ‘cos I was scared. i simply lied that the heat was too much in my room and I came to her’s since her room had double window.
7. When I came in, I was able to sleep.
8. It wasn’t long before I woke up from a nightmare. I then turned around and saw what looked like a thin woman with flowing hair.
9. My heart cut.
10. I screamed with everything in me and my friend abruptly woke up, switching on the lights immediately. That was when I realised that what I thought I saw was actually her wig that she hung on top of her fan.

The End

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