July 24, 2021 2:46 am

The Nature of Tears and Laughter


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#Emotions, #Feelings, #Tears

Tears is a signal or an impression display of emotion. It could also be a call.

Shedding tears is an ability that was consequence of the higher intelligence that humans possess compared with animals.

Most animals have tear ducts, but they don’t shed tears.

Animals communicate in low-level and animated forms and lack sensitivity. Although they may show a certain degree of emotions, their emotions are animated and higher level emotions such as sadness in animals, lacks a breakpoint.

Whats this breakpoint? It’s a threshold at which an emotion induce tears. As humans, we’ve got breakpoints but before I delve into that, let’s analyze this tears further.

Tears is a form of CALL. It’s a wonder how humans communicate. You know what It means when a friend is sad and talking to you and eventually breaks into tears. Must be a really sad fellow! ☹

You would probably be touched.

Looking at instances where this breakpoint happens




4)Anger in kids

I discovered there’s something common to all of them.

No tear falls to the ground (idiomatic expression)

Tears is linked to crying, sobbing and laughing. But that of laughter is pretty simulated. (i).

When a baby gives out a cry, it gets comfort from the mother.. . This implies that tears/crying is a CALL for comfort.

Kids are totally unable to comfort themselves at that point, but they learn when they grow up. What do you learn when you’re shunned when you cry or when you realize you won’t get that comforting every single time you cry? It’s to comfort yourself (put yourself together).

However, the pay of comfort for each time you cry as a child has already been written into your subconscious (this applies to people who have caring mothers).

And it has played a role in your psychological well-being.

When you break into tears as an adult, your mother may not be there, a friend may not be there, but you’d be comforted. I’ll like to call this auto-comfort. Your own body comforts you.

Indeed, no woman no cry. If no comfort would come as a new born baby, the cry will be meaningless.

Kids who cry their eyes out with no one to say sorry, enter into a state where they are silent and sullen.

And they are breathing in some type of way. It’s physical. Inside their body, there are processes going on which feels like healing or recovery.

That’s auto-comfort going on.

Like I said, earlier, crying, sobbing, tears and laughter are associated.

Breakpoint is what causes one to cry in certain situations and the other person not to cry. Certain factors influences breakpoints

1) Emotional sensitivity:

since pain hardens, people become less sensitive if they’ve taken a related pain.

2) Females are more prone to tears

This is because they are females and they are the same person they called on to comfort them when they were born. (This must be a phenomena!)

On the other hand, When someone is having a good laugh, tears roll down his eyes. What’s the explanation for that?

Laughter has a weakening effect on someone, and that’s breakpoint.

When you laugh and get to a breakpoint of tears, you’re inducing auto-comfort.

That’s why you feel better after laughing, and even after crying (resolving both, you feel better after shedding tears).

In conclusion, tears is a medicine. Tears is not a weakness, it’s abnormal breakpoints that means weakness.

Emotions makes us and emotions keeps us. So lend someone a shoulder to cry on. Hug that sobbing fellow, laugh your eyes out, shed a tear. It’s the body’s opportunity to heal itself.

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1 year ago

Very very educative….

1 year ago

Tears are significant

Charity Clifford
Charity Clifford
1 year ago

Sometime crying helps to lessen the pain in your heart




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