July 24, 2021 12:08 pm

The Power of Spoken Words: The Need for Self Assessment


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Words are the powerful attribute of Human existence. Words are very powerful and they have influence. Words can serve different purpose in life, Words can be used to destroy,kill, heal and build. The tongue which is one of the vital organ for speaking is the smallest in the body but boast great things.

Many times when we say something harmful to someone we say ” I am sorry” but words once spoken cannot be retrieved back. The person is already hurt no matter how you apologise. Words need to be use constructively to avoid damage.

A Public Figure for example says something harmful , He has to organize a Press conference to apologise for his words but He has said it.

Words can be used to stir people up. When people are discouraged, words are used to stir them up to stand to their feet. Words are used to heal hearts that have been broken. Good Words are vaccine or for the soul.

Words are used to express love and affection. Words stir up emotions in the heart of people.

Words are indispensable part of our human existence, we cannot do without them but the question here is how do we use words. Many words we speak flow from our minds, we need to pre-examine our words and eliminate those ones that are harmful. There are some words that are true that can cause pain but we must always say the truth no matter how it hurts because it will heal.

A lot of Public Figures when ever they have Public address, take their time to write words and this gives them the room to construct words positively. Writing words can give you advantage to eliminate harmful words but spoken words cannot be altered. They can only be improved, Spoken Words are limited compared to writing words.

Spoken Words are Transient like the wind because they are not documented down but the memory documents Spoken Words. People ofen say ” Five years ago He promised to marry me”. People ofen document words in their memory especially promises or words that are of relevance to them.

People also store harmful or slanderous words in their memory. For example ” You are a failure” , ” You are good for nothing”.

The Need for Self Assessment

Self Assessment of words is very Paramount because spoken words have power. The Need for Self Assessment are :-

  • To use words constructively
  • To think before you speak
  • To ascertain whether your words have hurt people through their reaction.
  • To ascertain your manner of approach with words
  • To discover if your words are stiring false hope in people.
  • To change harmful words you have spoken.

Words are so powerful and they can cause gross and lasting effect in humans when they are not used constructively. Our words should be regulated by our minds so that our mouth can amplify the right words.

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