June 7, 2023 12:15 am

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Mental Vaccines is Ironically Not As Common as Physical Vaccines


Depression is just as common as infections. It affects everybody.

It develops slowly in the body.

Only that some people overcome it. Some people become immune to it.

And for others, it becomes chronic and life-threatening.

A victim at this stage will commit suicide.

We try to be hygienic and care for our physical health.

The mental aspect, being so intangible, becomes deficient in care.

I put it to you that it’s just as important as physical health!

While pathogens infect the body when they enter it.

Circumstances and negative information have the ability to infect your mind.

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We all have physical and mental immunity, and it’s not everything and every hit that we’re immune to.

As you race to your prime from your cradle years, your immunity strengthens rapidly without much intervention from you. Also, you had vaccines as a child.

Unfortunately, there are no mental vaccines.

In fact, your mental immunity needs effort on your part.

Your background also plays a role.

Let’s define mental immunity by X

I’ll thoroughly analyze this in the next few slides.

I never knew that there was such a thing as mental immunity until I looked at depression from a logical perspective.

If society understood this, Prozac would have been as popular as Panadol.

If I’m not mistaken, Prozac is an over-the-counter antidepressant.

In 2019 or 2020, I had looked into the topic and penned deeper dimensions into it.

It’s worth reading

What makes us mentally immune is 50% in-born and 50% information we’ve *believed*.

A good percentage of that 50% is in spirituality and religion.

Situations have levels.

But none is bigger than the grace that comes with knowing God.

Nigeria is one of the countries most under hardship in the world.

Nigeria is also the most religious country in the world.

Do you see a link? The grace in this country is too much.

Things could have been worse 😝🤷🏽‍♂️ thats why No man can convince me that church is our problem. Not in that dimension.

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ike promise
ike promise
10 months ago

We the Nigerians don’t have problems but we tend to behave like we do have problems which is causing havoc on our daily activities
Yes we are one of the most religious but we don’t think towards that




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