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Unique and Engaging Social Media Post Ideas to Help You Never Run Out of Content Again (Vol 2)


Unique and Engaging Social Media Post Ideas to Help You Never Run Out of Content Again (Vol 2)


When it comes to social media marketing, few things are more frustrating than writer’s block.

That’s why we wrote our previous article on social media post ideas you can use over and over again.

These ideas will help you expand on your business and social media accounts in unexpected ways — and they’ll give you plenty of new content ideas to keep you going strong into the future.

However, since we’re big believers in the idea that you should never run out of fresh content to post on your social media channels,

We wanted to share some more ideas with you that you can use to create high-quality and engaging content that will help grow your business organically over time.

Here are twelve more social media post ideas that you can start using today! …


1. Post Product Reviews


Ask your clients to share their opinions about your product that they have recently used, or share your own thoughts about a popular product you have tried, including its benefits and drawbacks.

Would you suggest the product for any reason?

[xyz-ips snippet="desktopheader"]

Would your clients suggest your products for any reason?

What are some pros and cons to using this type of product in general?

Include pictures! People love to see what products look like, especially if it’s something they may want to buy for themselves.

Linking your product reviews back to a specific item on your website is always helpful, so readers can find more information if they’re interested.

Asking for feedback will help you avoid future missteps, and it’s a great way to turn followers into brand advocates.

If you keep your tone genuine and approachable, people are more likely to respond honestly.

What are your favourite products from us?


This is an open-ended question that could lead to a deeper discussion.


2. Launch a Giveaway Contest


You can always draw a ton of new users with giveaways.

Make sure your giveaway item is worthwhile and make this activity truly enjoyable.

For example,if you are on a referral program, you could offer a free product to anyone who enters the contest or give away some sweet swag.

If you’re feeling particularly daring, try adding an element of gamification by awarding extra gifts for certain activities.

For instance, any contestant who manages to get at least 10 friends to enter the contest will be awarded a gift for each friend.

Or better yet, add in three levels of prizes, e.g., bronze, silver, and gold.

The more people you bring into the game, the better your chances of winning something big!

There are so many ways to incentivise entrants, so go wild and see what works best for you.


3. Make a Comparison


Compare two similar products, e.g., two phones. Compare and analyse their features to produce the most value for the user.

Have a look at the specs and price points. Which one is better for you?

Are there any other factors to consider before making your decision?

What are some of the pros and cons of each phone?

And what about after-sales service, warranty, customer reviews, battery life, etc.?

Comparing items may not be as easy as it seems, so don’t be afraid to ask friends or family members who own something like that.

But just remember that in this type of post, your aim is to make sure people make an informed choice by giving them all the information they need.

Be thorough and do extensive research. Otherwise, you’ll end up recommending something that doesn’t suit them, and they might get frustrated with the whole thing.

In conclusion, when doing comparisons, give reasons why you’ve chosen one phone instead of the other.

Provide enough details so readers can understand how you came to your conclusions.

Remember, users want to know that the opinion they’re reading comes from someone who knows what they’re talking about.

And this makes them know you care about them personally.


4. Conversation Screenshots


Posting screenshots of conversations will help your audience understand how your company communicates with its clients.

It will undoubtedly aid in winning your customers’ trust and let them know you are authentic.

Sometimes, it’s nice to just share a short conversation between friends that makes you laugh and gives the world a little glimpse into your life.

If you’re running a business that interacts with customers, try posting screenshots of conversations between your employees (if you have any) or you and your customers.

This will help demonstrate transparency and build trust with your current and potential clients.

People love feeling like they have insider access!

It’s important to be aware, though, that not everyone will feel comfortable having their conversations shared on social media, so if someone doesn’t give permission for it to be posted, honor their wishes.


5. Make a Prediction


Make a prediction about a topic and share it on your feed.

Find out what your users think of your prediction.

Start a discussion, that’s the goal!

Ask for user feedback by asking them questions related to the post.

Make a list post, people adore them! -start a discussion or debate with other influencers or your customers on a topic.

Ask users questions about your predictions so that they can respond to them on their social media profiles.

Make a thought provoking post and share it with your audience!

Remember, this isn’t just a way to get likes and shares, it’s an opportunity to provide your followers with new content.

Use these posts as a way to provide solutions as well as ask questions and engage your audience.

Get creative with it so that you are engaging your audience, not just giving them information.

Make sure to mix up the types of posts so that people don’t know what’s coming next and always leave them wanting more.


 6. Video Training


You could decide to create an online course for your audience in which you teach them all the skills they need to become like you.

You decide if it will be paid or not.

This is a great way to add more depth to your content by having one-on-one interaction with your followers.

The video training can also be used as another lead magnet so that people can get something free from you before making any commitment.

If you have a platform, such as Youtube, then adding video training might work better for you than blogging about it because people are already searching for those keywords on Youtube and may not find what they’re looking for on your blog post.

These are great because they teach people how to do something.

Many times there is not enough information on the internet about certain things, so tutorials really make things easier.


 7. Share Personal Accomplishments


Describe a recent achievement of yours! It could be a new number of followers or posts, or it could be any fundamental task you believe to have been completed.

Inspire others. Share a quote that resonates with you and why. Put your words into action.

Share how you overcame an obstacle in your life using what worked for you as motivation for someone else who may be struggling with the same issue.

When someone is feeling down, remind them that everything will get better eventually.

Take time to tell your audience to appreciate the little things in life (e.g., being able to walk). “Do something nice for yourself today.”


8. Video Clips


The most interesting and engaging form of media is videos.

YouTube may wager on this.

The most effective alternative is to share your items or convey your message through videos. They don’t need to be extensive, they just need to be able.

Alternatively, you can attach links to other people’s YouTube video clips that cover the topic you’re addressing in your post.

This also works well for a variety of purposes, like as an instructional video on a specific task or as an advertorial for a product.

There are many ways to work videos into social media posts.


9. Industry Facts


Share some intriguing information or facts related to your area of expertise.

It draws in idle users and enables them to interact with your company.

Don’t forget that people like to know what you do and who you are, whatever is relevant to your industry or organisation.

When you’re scrolling through social media, it’s not always just about checking out cats playing with string; most of us want to see things that have some meaning for us too.

So don’t be afraid to show a little personality! As long as the post has substance.

Share a listicle with statistics on your industry. Add an interesting fact with every number or stat.

If you’re working in animal rights, maybe the fact would be:

The average person eats meat twice a day. Or if you work at a recycling plant, the statistics might be: recycling one aluminum can save enough energy to power a TV for three hours.

The point is: find something that ties into your business and then make sure it’s interesting!


10.  ‘Then‘ and ‘Now‘ Pictures


People can learn a lot through transformations. They begin to believe they are capable of doing the same.

Such images can help you draw in more users or clients.

By including before and after pictures, it makes them feel as if it is possible for them too.

Before and after photos are one way to show what others or you have accomplished with your product or service.

Or you can post Day in the Life videos showing potential customers what their life could be like if they invested their time and money into your business.


11. Infographics


Every statement you make to clients as a business should be backed up by facts.

Infographics offer a thorough justification in addition to data , which significantly appeals to clients.

Infographics are a good business strategy.

Infographics are made up of charts and graphs that provide information in an interesting manner.

Studies have shown that visuals are often more effective than plain text when trying to convey a message.

Infographics can help provide the necessary credibility for your posts, making them a win-win situation for both your readers and potential customers.

Infographic format:

Bow to using infographics to boost blog traffic.


Before beginning any infographic project, take time to map out the topics and content you want it to cover.

Choose your topic,

Keep things relevant.

Don’t complicate your infographic with too many things or topics.


Include interesting tidbits about what makes each topic special and share knowledge about new developments in these fields.


12. Answer to FAQs


FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions

Your audience’s doubts should be allayed, and you should give them the best value.

Engage with their queries and respond in the most modest manner possible.

Give answers to their Frequently Asked Questions.

Address the doubts they may have about using your product or service.

If they are asking for a refund, tell them why they can’t get one.

If they need help, ask what you can do to make it better.

If they are not getting the desired results, offer advice on how to fix that issue themselves .

If they are looking for something but don’t know where to find it, let them know where to go next.

If they’re not sure what size will fit them, include links to resources where they can figure out their size.


In conclusion,

We hope this has been helpful. Take a look at the post and let us know what you think in the comments section.

If you have any questions or would like help, feel free to contact us.

Feel free to share your thoughts on social media content and post ideas in the comments below.

Another blog post that you might be interested in is Social Media Posts Ideas (Vol 3).

Connect with us on our website, @greenconnect.link.

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