October 19, 2021 2:53 am



You can’t live without a reason, because you have the right to live anywhere-Russia, Oba Francis warns herders

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Oyo state monarch, the Olugbon of Orile Igbon, Oba Francis Alao, warns herdsmen that the Nigerian constitution that allows Nigerians to live anywhere in the country does not permit breaking the law.

Olugbon, the monarch of Oyo State, Oliver Igbon, and Oba Francis Alao warned herders to allow Nigerians to live anywhere in the country The constitution does not allow breaking the law. The head of the Oba State Assembly in Oyo State told herders that they must abide by the anti-open grazing law formulated to regulate animal husbandry.

He further added that no leader or government will see anyone trample on the state’s laws. The monarch explained that an anti-open grazing law has been enacted to end the imminent crisis between herders and farmers, and that the law will be implemented without favor.

“What I want to tell them (herders) is that within the scope permitted by law, as long as every Nigerian can choose to live anywhere in Nigeria, it will not leave them lawless space. Law enforcement officers will chase Such a person. This will be dealt with in accordance with the law. “The Fulani leaders of Oyo State communicated with us the results of their meeting with the police chief. They are monitoring their people. The state government, the Oyo State Police Department and traditional rulers are working together to ensure that every part of the state enjoys peace.

“Any law enforcement officer who violates the law will arrest him or her and face the consequences.”

Oba Alao leads the monarch, the official delegation of the state government and the police participated in January 24 A peace meeting was held in Igangan, a local government area in the northern part of Ibalapa State, to restore peace. The government has been working hard to ensure that the area remains peaceful at all times.

He said: “The governor went to Ibalapa. I believe he himself has seen something. The people must have told him the problem. The situation will be restored to this position. You cannot live because you have the right to live anywhere. Residence-Olugbon, Oba Francis warned herders to first appear on Kemi FIlani News.


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3 days ago

This herdsmen do what ever they like because their brother is in office.




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