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Discuss, exhibit, Talk about anything and everything. At Trentimes, there’s a platform for you to express yourself online and reach out to millions who would like to learn from you. 

Turn Your Ideas Into Money

Trentimes offers a content monetization platform that allows users to generate money from their own original ideas and also provides inspiration for people who don’t know what they want to talk about.

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Our DDPS System helps you find out what you know, what you care about, what the world is looking for and where you can shine.

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Start writing, start talking, and start demonstrating. Login into your panel and get access to creative tools to create any type of content suitable for your topic, be it write ups, audio or videos.

4. Grow!

As a Discussant, your topic is published, gaining momentum and reaching the right people who would like to learn. Revenue is automatically generated from your topic content you get paid in real time.

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Find Your Voice

"I read health sciences in school. I'd like to teach on treatment to the most common types of illnesses."
This is me!
"I just love talking on relationship matters'
This is me!
"I am a Business Consultant/Expert. I have a topic that I want to share on running a business"
This is me!
"I'm into music. I'll like to share on writing lyrics."
This is me!
"I have a flawless skin. I am passionate about Skin Care. I am using Trentimes to guide others to a flawless skin."
This is me!
What's your talk?
Goy something you research and want to talk about? Lots of people would love to hear from you!
Um... This is me!
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Instant Monetization

Giving the best tools to create well performing content


Earnings are in Trencoins and can be redeemed for other currencies. We support Crypto & Bank Payouts

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On Trentimes, You are part of a community that can leverage your efforts in excellent ways as a Creator.

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Browse through available topics, from How to’s to Business to Relationships to I.T and more. search and request topics. 

Hear from our Happy Creators

I'm not a creative person, but I found that Trentimes is the best platform for someone like me. I have never managed to get paid for my writing before and now I am. It's so easy to manage and put out content, with minimal effort on my part.
Arinze Ekemezie
Starting an online business has not always been easy due to alot of technicalities involved but Trentimes have made it easier, I recommend
Cynthia Eme
I have been working with Trentimes for about a year now and I can honestly say that it is one of the best platforms in the market. It doesn't matter if you have good writing skills or not, you are guided all the way through to create a high quality article. More importantly, I now earn money from publishing my articles on this platform. You can't go wrong with Trentimes.
Ucheji Samuel
Switching to a comfortable online worker earning a decent income monthly thanks to Trentimes. They've made me the man I want to be.
Franklin O

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