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The World's simplest platform to earn online.



Trentimes is an online forum that offers members quick and various tasks to earn money


Our Vision

Giving the average internet user a table to earn online. Providing a stream of income for all.

Income Program

Trentimes incorporates 3 channels for users to earn

Forum Activities

We are simplifying and unifying the different activities that creates value and porting them into easy-to-do tasks. You accrue earnings for activities such as


We are creating and Sustaining smart financial leverage opportunities tailored for Individuals and Business Owners. You also earn on;

Advert Placement

Affiliate Marketing

Vendors Corner

And other area of choice.

Skills Monetization

Trentimes offers a huge platform for different areas of specialization which might interest you. Below is a list;

Earnings are in Trencoins (TTC) and can be redeemed for other currencies.

Why We Stand Out

Real Time Earnings

Earnings are in real-time


Trentimes economics is efficiently balanced and our servers are ready to scale with the needs of the community.

User Support

We're always on standby for help and enquiries

Trencoin Rates



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Frequently Asked Qestions

Trentimes is a platform that enables people to create and monetize value fast.

As a member you're opened to income from 3 methods on the platform.

  1. Activities such as posting and leaving comments
  2. Departmental Activity
  3. Leverage Activities

You'd find the 3 opportunities right on your dashboard

Trentimes pays you in Trencoins (TTC) which can be redeemed for cash.

Getting started requires a one-time payment of $10 during the account creation process. After payment you'll be registered on the platform.

Trentimes support Bank Transfer, PayPal and Crypto as a means of disbursing payments.

Trentimes was developed by Schwiz Web and a Team of Experts.

Trentimes process withdrawal requests on the 14th and 28th of each month.


Amazing platform. Trentimes is something alot out of the box. It's really satisfying getting stuff done on a daily basis and being rewarded for it. It's dope.
Violet Benson
It's a nice platform in the most fundamental sense. I've finally been able to put my write-ups online and get paid for it without the hassles of running a blog. As a versatile reward community it is,I believe it's going to grow really quick.
Franklin O
Making supper sense… Nice interface, admins are ever available to assist. Big ups.
Ucheji Samuel
I'd recommend Trentimes to anyone who wishes to earn money online. Skills or not, there's something. It's a perfect place to be on. Cheers!
Nancy Chidinma

Getting Started


Comment on Posts. Information & Opinion is valued on the Net. ~ 2 TTC

Post Pad

Share a post. Ensure that it adds value ~ 50 TTC

Sponsored Videos

Ads you may like. Engage with Ads from value givers. ~ 20 TTC


Participate in Games to win coins


Sharing is promoting. Earn 1 TTC for each clicks you get on your link.


People will donate when they love your post. Promote your own posts to increases your chances of receiving unlimited donations.

Task Suite

Complete a Task to get up to 2000 TTC in rewards