April 23, 2024 2:49 pm

Trentimes Magic Cash – Referral Made Easy

Do you know you can earn N1000 by sharing news and virtually every kind of content on Trentimes?

Sounds excellent and unbelievable? The deal gets better; You also earn when people read the posts you share.

How can you possibly earn referral cash by sharing posts with your friends, family, and anyone on your Network? Well, it’s quite simple, like we’ve been telling you; All You Have To Do Is Share!

When you share posts to your network, i.e., family and friends, who click on your link, they go on the site to read the post. We take it right from there, by inviting them to register with a membership plan and when they do, you get your referral bonus added instantly to your account after they’ve purchased a plan. Yup, it is that simple and very time-effective for you. Not to mention how lucrative as well.

We understand how agonizing it can be for you to do the traditional evangelism to get referrals, so we’ve designed this fantastic system to help you on your affiliate journey with our platform. The benefits and advantages of this are just so much;

  1. It affords you the luxury of reducing the time you spend doing referral marketing while enabling you to do other activities you enjoy doing on our site with your precious time.
  2. We are showing you a way to ‘Evangelise’ without using the figurative ‘megaphone.’ It means when you share posts, the system’s tailored to do all the heavy marketing – which typically gets done in traditional marketing – to your network but in a much more subtle, less imposing, more entertaining, and more lucrative manner.

It’s a win-win for you.

So you can see that we’re mostly in this for the passion of achieving our mission, which is to simplify and unify the different activities that pay online and port them into easy-to-do tasks, thereby fulfilling our vision of creating a sustainable industrial forum.

You entertain and inform your network with these posts, consequently from sharing daily relevant content that your audience would look forward to, rather than tire of.

Sources of information or entertainment tend to draw people. It makes them easily create a bond with such sources. It leads to trust, and you’ll see that in no time, people will get eager to register directly via you or on the site through your link.

You can see that our updated referral system is simply unique and unlike any other, you’ve seen. All the better to serve you with and make this platform as sustainable as it is industrious.

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3 years ago


2 years ago
Reply to  Eunicebella

it is not just interesting, it is actually what I have been trying to find

3 years ago

Hmmmm…… interesting

2 years ago

Now that we are aware, I think more people will start getting more referrals !

2 years ago

Wow interesting

1 year ago

I love this ❤❤



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