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For most people, any conversation relating to acne and skin diseases is kind of embarrassing and as such, they try to shy away from it. This is without prejudice to the fact research has shown that there is no doubt that seven out of every ten teenagers suffer from the dreaded skin disease called acne (popularly known as pimple) and most of them try to manage it late into their 20s.

Also, majority of the cases are hereditary while some cases are as a result of the consumption of fatty foods. The good news, however, is that there are known conventional and natural remedies for treating acne.

While there may be modern ways of solving the problem of acne, however, most of these conventional methods may invariably have adverse effects on your skin such as dryness of skin and skin irritation. Conversely, the natural remedies do not have side effects and that is what this article is all about. So let us look at some natural ways of getting rid of acne.

Aloe Vera

There is no doubt that aloe vera happens to be one of the proficient cures for acne. This is because of its ability to reduce inflammation on the skin. All you need is a large aloe vera leaf which you can wear as a mask or better still, extract its juice and use it as a cleanser or better still, add it to your body lotion.

Egg White Mask

The legendary egg white mask is known to be an effective way to get rid of acne. All you need to do is apply whisked egg whites to the affected areas on your face. Repeat the process every 10 minutes after which you can rinse your face.

Cucumber Mask

Cucumber is another anti-inflammatory which helps to reduce pimples in the best possible ways. A good dose of cucumber puree on your face overnight will do wonders to those affected areas. All you need is peel off some slices and blend it to form a puree then apply it on your face then rinse it off with warm water when you wake up the next morning.


Toothpaste has a component called silica that is effective in keeping moistures out of your face. Apply a small portion to the affected area at night, then wash off in the morning. You will notice a significant reduction in the size of the acne.

Honey Mask

Honey is a natural antibiotic which helps in reducing acne. Although sticky in nature, honey helps eliminate dirt from the skin and as such, a honey mask on your face overnight will do a great job in removing acne from your face.

Although this article is all about natural ways of getting rid of acne, however, there are certain habits you must avoid in order not to have a reoccurrence or bout of acne. Some of these bad habits include picking your face or using makeup high in pore-clogging condiments or salicylic acid. Also, if you’ve visited a dermatologist and your acne problem is presumed to be hereditary, it will be best to avoid those trigger foods.

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2 years ago

This is really nice

2 years ago

I think coconut oil works too

Cheesom Amaka
Cheesom Amaka
2 years ago

Really nice




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