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While some people may enjoying eating healthy meals, there are a few of us who can’t do without a snack or two. However, when obesity sets in or we believe it’s time to lose weight, we may need to reconsider on our intake of snacks while losing for other foods that can help us in achieving our goal of losing weight.

If you are planning to lose weight, eating snacks is not a death sentence. In fact, eating healthy snacks may actually be vital to help you in losing and managing weight loss. This means that if you want to actually lose weight, you need not give up on eating snacks as there are healthy snacks low in sugar, fat and salt.

Most importantly, there are snacks rich in fibre and proteins and so many other nutrients that your body may need even while undergoing the process of weight loss. Luckily enough, we’ve compiled a shortlist of some of these snacks that are weight-loss friendly in order to help you make a good dietary plan that is not devoid of snacks.

Fruits and vegetables

Most fruits and vegetables are low in calorie and as such are good for weight loss. For instant celery, cucumber and watermelon are made up of water components and as such, can help you feel full without having to eat carbohydrate. Also, apple is a good source of fibre which will complement your daily dietary fibre.


Nuts are rich in protein and fibre and can be a good snack. Some of these nuts include almond, groundnuts, cashew etc. and they are full of fibre and protein. However, most nuts are high in calories and as such can make a person fuller than expected. So remember to take a small quantity while adding it to your diet. However, you should stay away from nuts cooked with flavours or that has salt or sugar contents. You can identify this by looking at the label.

Low-Fat Cheese

It is called low-fat because of the lower fat counts it contains. This type of cheese is a good source of protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals. It is striking to note besides the nutrients discussed herein, low-fat cheese also has small calories that can help you manage weight loss.


With a meal rich in fibre and calcium, yoghurt is one snack you would love to add to your dietary plan. Yoghurt has protein and gut-healthy probiotics which are good for your body and essential for managing weight loss. There is no doubt that yoghurt taken with fruits can add the protein nutrient of your diet.


A serving of popcorn is high in fibre and protein and can actually help you to reduce the quantum of calories you need per day. However, you must avoid flavoured popcorns and stick to the usual whole grain.
So if you want to choose a weight loss diet plan, it will be expedient for you to add some of these snacks to your diet.

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3 years ago

Very informative

3 years ago

Oat is a great weight-loss snack too

Raphael Edeh
Raphael Edeh
3 years ago

Pop corn is helpful in losing weight but it shouldn’t contain Milk




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