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Showing yourself off and making him fantasize about and crave you are easy on the first few dates. You are on a whole different level when you finally become his bae. How, then, can you maintain your reputation as the queen of his fantasies?

Everybody has a naughty side and they enjoy exploring this unpopular thrilling part. You can spark the tension between you two and make him wish for what he can only picture in his mind.

Want to know how to make your boyfriend crave for you? Here are a few things that can be done and have been proven to work according to relationship and sex experts.

Tease his senses

It is a very straight forward technique, an old trick in the book, but works like a charm and makes the top of my list. 

You want to make him see something he can’t reach, so wear short transparent clothing. Give him mixed signals by seducing his senses with your body while acting perfectly indifferent about it. The vibe you’re giving off is that you are just being your normal self and can’t help being sexy around him. 

No touching

Playing with his senses will make him so imaginative, he’ll always want to touch you, hold you closer and feel the incomplete sensation you have been giving off. 

Once he’s at this stage you play hard to get a little, make him work for it. Make it subtly forbidden and you’ll be surprised with the schemes men come up with just to get what they want.

Flirty inbox

Catch him off guard when he’s working or far away, send him flirty messages that will keep him kneeling to get back home! 

Men love the anticipation, send him texts like “I had a dream we were sexting, so I woke up and decided to make it a reality.”

Nude pictures

You can send him seductive pictures too, become his own porn star. You can tell him you bought a new bra and wanted to see if he’ll like it, tell him to imagine taking them off.

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Take your time to take beautiful pictures that will remind him of how sexy you are.

Show off new looks

In long term relationships, partners seem to relax the sexy and default to pyjama clothing most of the time. 

Surprise him, look good when you let him in from work. Wear your sexy gown, apply slight makeup, act normal while looking like the hottest girl trying to seduce the hottest guy and make him crave her.

Start foreplay, then leave 

Make him feel like you have given it all to him, like everything he had been anticipating has arrived, then leave. 

Casually leave and then do something else like take a bath or warm the food. He may follow you around, but just act like everything’s normal, this will make him curious and needy.

Register your fragrance

Try to remain consistent with your favourite perfume or spray, let it be the same beautiful smell he meets every time he’s up close.

Anytime he’s away and smells something that remotely resembles your perfume, it will conjure all those passionate times. If he smells it close to you he’ll remember all the things that can happen when y’all are wrapped around. Wink! 

Seduce him in public

You are making him want to jump on you but he can’t, he has to be civil and control himself.  

Try grabbing his inner thigh when you have the opportunity, whisper something sexy to him. Take his hand and put it on sensitive places, these will make him go crazy!

So ladies! With these eight (8) proven ways to make your boyfriend crave you all the time. You can grab hold of his body, soul and mind; after all, he is your man!

Seduction is far more than getting a man aroused, with perfect use of the skill you can generate a long satisfying relationship, the fire will always keep burning between you two!

So please, get on with it, he’s waiting for you!

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3 years ago

Very true….

3 years ago

Very Legit

Nancy Chidimma
3 years ago

Just the truth

3 years ago

I’m not in support of sending nudes, but nice post

Cheesom Amaka
Cheesom Amaka
2 years ago





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