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Hottest – 10 Things Girls Check Out To Have Sex With You Immediately|R-R


Have you been wondering about the things girls look out for before considering sex with you as a guy?

10 Things Girls Check Out To Have Sex With You Immediately

Although the female folks can be so unpredictable and confusing to guys that they don’t really know what puts girls on the edge.

Well, to clear your confusion, this pot will be revealing some secrets to you about the things running through her mind before considering going down with you.

Whether she’s new to you or she has known you for some time, what girls think about you before having sex with you is practically the same.

Without wasting much of your time, let’s dive into them quickly.

1. Body stature

All girls love a guy with a nice body stature.

If you want her to imagine or have thoughts of having sex with you, you must have an attractive body stature.

Yes, you need to work on yourself.

Few minutes each day in the gym can save you stress.

Girls really want to grab such a well-built body of yours.

It takes time and it’s worth the effort.

So go for it but be moderate, to avoid looking like an unbalanced cartoon drawing.

2. Odors

Odors generally, be it body odor or mouth odor is a no for all girls if she really wants to consider having sex with you.

No girl feels comfortable around a guy with an odor not to talk of have sex with such a person.

It irritates them in an instant.

But on the other hand, when you’re free from odors, she’s more likely to have those thoughts and feelings of having sex with you.

Always wear nice perfume.

3. Chemistry

10 Things Girls Check Out To Have Sex With You Immediately

Before she considers having sex with you, there must be an established form of connection.

She really wants to feel connected to you.

How you smile, laugh, your body language, the way you look at her, and all that could bring about a connection.

If she doesn’t feel connected to you in a slight way, it becomes difficult for her to even imagine having sex with you.

But the moment she feels that connection, no matter how little, you can be in her option for sex.

It’s all a mental state.

4. Good looking

10 Things Girls Check Out To Have Sex With You Immediately

Come on, by now you should know ladies take pride in their man’s appearance.

No girl wants her man to look shabby.

Once you’re neatly and smartly dressed, girls will naturally feel comfortable around you.

And such a level of comfort can graduate into wanting to have sex with you when the cards are played rightly.

Good appearance matters a lot and you need to be cheerful too.

5. Interesting Conversations

10 Things Girls Check Out To Have Sex With You Immediately

Ladies always prefer guys whom they can have an interesting conversation with, as compared to those whom they can’t.

It takes a good communicator to dictate what topics can be of interest to her in other to hold an interesting conversation.

The more you make her happy and laugh while in a conversation, the more likely you’re to get her down for sex.

No girl wants a dull moment, especially with a new dude.

This is one of the most difficult tasks for guys but practice makes you feel a lot better at it.

6. Selfish Talker or Poor Listener

There was once a time in my life when I was guilty of this.

I talk a lot about myself and fail to listen when talking to girls.

That shouldn’t be your case if you want her to have sex with you

Don’t talk only about yourself. Ask her few questions and listen attentively as she talks.

Hear her out.

And lastly, don’t talk about any other girl at that point except her, if you wish to be considered for sex.

7. Seeming Needy

10 Things Girls Check Out To Have Sex With You Immediately

Most guys when in need of sex, within the first few moments with a girl, show off what their intention is, especially when it’s sex.

Making the girl in question read the signs and automatically making her uncomfortable.

Be different.

Even when you want her down for sex, don’t give her any chance to dictate it. Don’t seem needy.

Always remember needy is creepy.

When she senses you aren’t really interested in sex, she is forced by her thoughts to initiate the mood, since she feels comfortable and safe around you, finding you attractive and interesting.

Let her lead on while you follow.

Don’t be too pushy.

8. Instant Attitude

Yes, you need to watch your attitude when you are around a girl hoping to be considered for sex, especially when you both haven’t known each other for a while.

Your attitude towards everyone around shows her that’s exactly the same way you will treat her.

Be nice.

Be nice to the waiters and everyone you practically come in contact with, while she’s with you.

Control anger.

Playing an upgraded attitude can throw her wholly to you for sex.

9. Looking at other girls

The last impression you want to give a girl whom you wish to have sec with is being a flirt.

The moment a girl senses you’re a flirt, it makes her completely withdrawn, and considering sex with you can be a lot difficult.

Looking at other girls gives her such an impression you may be a flirt, not minding if you aren’t.

So don’t take the risk.

Be focused on her alone.

10. Imagined dick size

Subconsciously, as a girl is trying to consider whether to have sex with you or not, she also tries to imagine the kind of dick size you’ve got.

If her imaginations tell her you’re big sized, you are more likely to get her shot for sex.

It’s just an image that triggers a feeling.


While trying to get her considers having sex with you, you need maximum focus.

Focus on her, texting during a date is a red flag. End those awkward silences and rather be interesting.

Only then can she be interested in having sex with you.

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