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“Uncle Sam” Samuel hears a voice calling. He stands to his feet in fear
” what do you want from me? why don’t you let me have peace”
“I just want to talk” he heard
“the dead and the living have nothing in common” Samuel shouted in fear,bits of sweat now forming on his face “I bind you in the name of…”
“will you shut up?” he could now see an image forming in his giant mirror
“so you think the whole candles you lit around would stop me”
“I’m sorry please spare me” Samuel cried

“chillax…”Cassandra’s voice came softly
“in case you have a bad memory, let me tell you the whole story… this is the 6th time i would be having this conversation with you” she smiled
” I was a contented teenager living with my aged grandmother. We didn’t have much but life had taught me well. Then you came by the house on that fateful day giving palliatives. You said you were just concerned about the poor and we believed you. I remember the look on mama’s face,I never wished her joy ended.I was happy and prayed for a re occurrence. It happened, you came,but with a different news. mama was so happy I would be going to the city. ‘At least the villagers would stop talking about the prophesy of how I would die a teenager like my mum. our prayers have been answered’ mama thought.

A month later,you brought me to the city. And then you mentioned how you wanted me to be fit as a fiddle before getting enrolled in a school. Then you began feeding me with this thing you called ‘vitamin’, I was convinced it was cos I started glowing. Never knew I was only adding flesh for your consumption. Then a day came,you asked me to follow you to your church which I did. You said new members were meant to be blind folded, I obeyed. The next minute I opened my eyes,I was on a table like a lamb to be slaughtered before weird looking men ‘Uncle Sam’ I cried” she smiled.

“well… story time is over. the prophecy happened anyway. Now take me back to my granny or you tell me how you want your death”

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I see life as an AQUARIUM,we are the fishes in it made just for his PLEASURE
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