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Creative Social Media Post Ideas to Help You Stand Out [Volume 3]


Creative Social Media Post Ideas to Help You Stand Out (Volume 3)


Social media can be an extremely powerful tool for your business, but it’s also easy to run out of new content ideas, especially if you’re using the same types of posts over and over again.

As you plan out your next week or month of social media content, try these creative social media post ideas from some of the top brands on social media.

If these brands can find clever and engaging ways to promote their products and services on social media, then you should be able to do the same!

Creativity goes a long way on social media. These posts will help you stand out from the crowd and get more likes, comments, and shares than you ever imagined possible!

Check them out now, and start getting the results you want from your social media marketing strategy.


1. Inspirational Quotes


Inspirational sayings are wonderful for boosting one’s spirits and generating fresh ideas that eventually result in positive deeds.

It’s a great idea to post these inspirational quotes on social media, as they will motivate people and encourage them to be better versions of themselves.

Never miss an opportunity to spread positivity! If you see someone doing something nice, let them know with likes or comments.

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If you hear something funny, share it with the world by posting it on social media platforms.

When someone shares their struggles, don’t just send thoughts and prayers—reach out to the person instead so they know they aren’t alone during tough times.

We all have different experiences, which is why we should never judge others based on our own opinion.

That’s why it’s important to show respect when discussing opinions—both in real life and online.

When you’re scrolling through your newsfeed, always take a minute to scroll back up and like posts from those you love, because even if there isn’t a lot of time, this small gesture can make someone feel loved.

Whatever it is, the goal is to spread positivity and inspire people, then build connections and trust with them for your brand through that means.


2. Ask me Anything [A.M.A]


Let others interrogate you.

Always keep in mind that a customer is the center of attention in a business, so answering inquiries for them is of utmost importance.

Many brands have gone as far as conducting their own A.M.A sessions on social media, where they take questions and answer them in an open forum.

This will help your brand appear more humanised and less like a faceless corporation that doesn’t care about its customers enough to answer simple questions.

It can also give people an insight into what it’s like to work for your company or what it’s like to be part of the culture.

A great way to get personal on social media is by doing an A.M.A. or Ask Me Anything session on social media where you take customer inquiries and answer them publicly so others can benefit from your insight as well.

Many companies have taken advantage of these sessions in some fashion, but they are most popular among celebrities, who use them as a platform for self-promotion while still seeming more relatable at the same time.


3. Posting Old Memories


Your devoted audience will feel sentimental about how long their association with your brand has been when you post old memories.

It’s a fantastic way to engage or re-engage your audience.

Share an oldie but goodie from your archives. Be sure to include the date it was published so that people can see how much time they’ve invested in your brand.

Use this as an opportunity to look back on what has changed in the last few years and share some thoughts on the changes.

Ask your followers for their favourite posts of all time, then thank them for supporting you all these years.

Make a list of your ten most popular posts of all time and ask your followers to vote for their favourite.


4. Guest Post


Post guest articles on your page.

After this, the possibilities are limitless.

You may make comparisons and contests.

Showcase the best stuff created for you by your audience.

One idea is showing off a contest winner’s work or congratulating a fan of yours who has just released their latest book.

If you have more than one million followers, then consider posting a poll or survey with questions that will get people talking about your content as well as make it easier for them to share it with their friends on social media.

Another suggestion is asking fans what they think about current events or hot topics.

They can either answer the question directly in the comments below the post or share it with their own networks so that others can vote on what they think should be done.

These polls can also be used to show potential clients how much your audience cares about what you do and provide an opportunity for them to ask questions themselves too!


5. Case Studies


Giving real-world examples makes your audience believe that you are realistic and constantly learning.

It also shows them that it is not just a blog post but an ongoing series with more to come!

You can try sharing what books you’re reading, what coffee shops you like or something funny like the worst puns of all time.

Give someone a shout out by mentioning how they helped make your day better or how much they inspire you.

The answer to one of the most common questions people ask on the internet,

Share some motivational quotes and tips on how to get through tough times, etc.


6. Share Valuable Resources


Request that your users follow other admirable members of your community.

Inform them about a tool that will increase their productivity , offer a discount on one of your products, or share something you are proud of from the past week.

Collect images from your posts and compile them into an inspirational slideshow. This is also an excellent opportunity to drive more traffic back to your page or blog by adding links in the description below each photo.

Highlight specific testimonials on your page.

Make a video highlighting what distinguishes your company (people love videos);

You can also ask influencers to take over your social media feed for 24 hours with content they think would be engaging.


7. Let People Guess.


If your business offers products or services, you might publish a photo of a box or a gift box that is only partially open and ask viewers to guess what is inside.

People enjoy engaging in secret or private activities.

This could be used to advertise fresh goods.

For example, posting an unopened box of doughnuts may give the impression that they are just made.

In fact, they may have been baked hours ago and stored in the refrigerator until needed.

When a customer comes into the store, she will feel like she’s getting something special as soon as she opens it.

At first glance, it will appear as though customers are getting a fresh batch of doughnuts every time they visit.


8. Start a Series or Habit


Share your newest planned series, which may be a product series or something else entirely. There is a good likelihood that you will attract like-minded people who share your views.

Think about how your post can become part of an ongoing conversation and keep the posts in the same thread for continuity.

This includes linking back to old posts, tagging other users and adding updates when appropriate.

These types of things create more opportunities for interaction with followers while still giving them the option to focus on new content if they want.


9. Post a Challenge or Dare


Share fun challenges with your audience.

Any physical or online activity or competition could fit this description.

Let’s see what your users have to offer.

You can hold a contest and tell them what they can win if they participate, post the winner’s name, and take the time to thank the participants.

It may not be possible for everyone, but you’ll want to make sure that you’re able to show appreciation for those who are participating by acknowledging their efforts with some form of recognition or award.

Even just commenting on the participant’s post can go a long way!

In addition, you might also want to consider asking your participants to tag other people in their posts or share them with their friends as well, so that more people will get involved.


10. Post Pictures with Family and Friends


Post a picture of you and your loved ones together online.

It makes it clear to your audience that you have a life outside of work and business and that you have a healthy work-life balance.

This is sure to help with recruiting talent in the future, because people want a place where they can feel comfortable when their lives are not just all about the job.

Or you can post pictures of what you’re currently reading: Share a picture of what book you’re reading at the moment on social media, or better yet, take a picture while highlighting one passage from the book.

For example, if you’re reading The Iliad by Homer, then snap a shot of the scene where Odysseus’s bow is being tested as a weapon for battle.

These posts will engage your followers and create some interesting conversations.


11. Share your Failures.


Sharing your shortcomings is just as crucial as sharing your successes.

As a result of your sincerity with them, your users will be able to trust you more.

They’ll be more receptive to the advice and content that you post in the future.

If they know that your input has made an impact on their lives, they’ll feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves, and this can be very powerful in the sense that it can generate an increased sense of loyalty and engagement with the brand.

One example would be to share what did not work for you on a recent project or how your favourite marketing campaign flopped.

People tend to respect transparency, so don’t fear the potential of being honest with them! –


12. Thank your Audience


Thank your audience: although it seems straightforward, doing so provides a lot of long-term advantages for your users.

Tell them you appreciate all of the love and support you have received from them over the years.

Whether they have just started following you or they are one of your oldest followers, let them know that their time has not been wasted on following you!

Follow up with something funny like, “I wouldn’t be here without my supportive fans.” 

Thank you for being part of this journey. Without you, I would be nothing!!! 

Show them some appreciation and share your gratitude!

Thanking someone doesn’t cost anything, and it makes both parties feel good.

Expressing gratitude is such an easy way to show appreciation in any form, whether physical or emotional—even if it’s simply expressed through social media posts.


13. Share A Story or Talk


You can post a story from your day, include photos and videos, or even just tell your followers what they should be doing on their days off.

These posts are fun and engaging.

They allow people to get to know you and see your personality shine through.

Plus, they’re typically quick and easy to make! You could also share some of your interests in this type of post with your followers.

For example, if you’re into photography, talk about why it’s important to take pictures at different times of the day or how to shoot pictures in low light settings.

If cooking is something that interests you, then talk about favourite recipes and cooking tips for beginners.


14. Humor and Fun


Not all posts need to be serious!

A great way to connect with your audience is by adding some humor to your posts.

For example, if you’re posting about a new product, you could also post a picture of the product with a caption that says, “If you can’t afford this new product, then we don’t want you as our customer anyway.”

It may seem strange, but it is humorous and memorable, which will lead people back to your page.

Another type of post that often goes viral is memes.

Memes are pictures with words over them or text messages (sometimes without words) in large fonts that make people laugh or go viral because they are relatable to what most people are feeling at the time.

Not all posts need to be personal! Another way to add creativity and creativity to your social media posts is by telling others what you do for work instead of telling them who you are as a person.


15. Personal or Generic Opinion Poll


Opinion polls are another good way to get feedback from your followers.

They can be used for any topic, and you can change the question in order to keep it fresh.

For example, what is your favourite show? Do you prefer cats or dogs?

could be used as the prompt.

We recommend including a link to an external site where the results will be shown so people don’t have to fill out the form themselves.

You could also include an email address at the end of this post if people want to share their response with you privately.

Include a call-to-action button which encourages viewers to vote and then visit the link which displays all of the responses.

Another option is to use one’s social media following in place of polling respondents-send a personal message or tweet that asks for opinions on something, then see how many responses you receive by looking at likes, retweets, and replies on posts.


In conclusion;

Social media posts are a great way to stand out and engage with your followers.

It’s not just about what you post, but how you post it.

Use the creativity these ideas have provided for you to create your own unique posts that will get noticed!

We hope this blog has been helpful to you, and if so, leave us a comment below or join our mailing list below where we send our latest blog posts straight to your inbox!

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