October 1, 2023 1:34 pm

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Why God Let Us be Born If We are Going to be Condemned?


Someone asked in Curiosity Group

So I have a set of connected questions for everyone, but mostly for christians.

Does God know the exact way things will play out? (Omniscient)

If he does, then do we have will power?

If we don’t, then why do christians believe we will be judged for our actions?


My Answer

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I’ll be reviewing scientific facts while trudging us deeper into a revealing answer to this

Lets begin with the DNA….

DNA contains information about every fiber of our body. While the growth of a body is written out in what we call the DNA, can we say the growth of the mind is? Certainly, NO

Our mind sits on our brain and the brain is just part of the body. The architecture (fiber) of the body is defined in the DNA, but the mind, being intangible, is only built and constituted from information.

Hence the mind is 50% soft (Information) and 50% hard (The brain)

While the hard one (BRAIN) is shaped by genes and DNA, the soft (MIND) is shaped by information and Freewill All creations of high intelligence and information processors have *freewill* If not, no one will be scared of Artificial General Intelligence.

An exception to this is the 3rd component which is spirit The component of mans that interacts with divinity

But interaction with divinity is still freewill

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Hence walking in spirit is a thing of choice. (freewill)


Who is God?

According to the Bible in John 1, God is Word. The same Bible says He is Omniscient (Psalm 147:5) meaning that he knows all.

For God to act, is for his word to move, or take a flow; And that flow is *The spirit*

The spirit of God is, the Holy Spirit,

The purpose of this spirit is more for man

But not all man has this spirit

Thus restricting the power of God in man

As the saying goes, Great power comes great responsibility. Therefpre, No power,  no responsibility.

Hence man is responsible for his actions unless he believes and gives in to the spirit


But does God mean to take control of our freewill? In other to assume responsibility for our actions.? To make us puppets?

Everyday we rewrite the expressions of our universe with this administrative capability only God has.

Its called FREEWILL

Consider the laws of mathematics, of principles and of the universe

Every expression has a long derivative solution

And comes to a definitive outcome, or answer

But you see, freewill brings alot of dynamics into it. Like an administrator who wields the privilege to write and rewrite. Keep reading.


First, Does God Knows Exactly How Things Will Play Out?

God knows how your freewill choices will play out. And he knows the choices we’ll make, because of our history of choices, our subconscious and our spirit.

Not because he know. But what if, how  God knows things can’t be elucidated?

Law alone places the universe on a streak of defined paths.

However, like the small “gods” or admins that we are,  we keep rewriting our defined paths and our destiny with each choices that we make.

Too dynamic.

That’s why God needs permission or a laid out expression from man to carry out certain operations on earth.

He knows exactly how things will play out in all probabilities. But only knows what becomes our history IF we are connected to him. If we co-write our destinies with him. He will influence our free will, and perfect our outcome IF we live by faith. In today’s world, a lot of men are. Is the ones that aren’t, that God can’t take responsibility for. They are like winds.

We are not made puppets, but rather we become a co-administrator of the universe, like it was made to be.

Remember God is as Just as he is Omniscient.


Why did God bring us into the world if he knows we would make the wrong choices and be condemned?

Lets not mix up the nature of God. The just and omniscient sides to him. And also the statement in John

John 1

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

God is not a guy

John 1 tells us the Word is God

The word is Law. God already said in Gen 1:28, go and multiply

Gen 1:28

God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number

We came into the world because of that verse alone !



Did God not see the fall of man coming in the beginning?

Remember, I said God is only as omniscient as he is just. So the devil was the vulnerability or a rival.

Not a small one

Remember that Satan was an archangel.

He scattered God’s plans.

But God is good and good comes from God and the origin of good is all powerful thus a 10 year old will predict that God will overcome at the end of the day.

And God did.,with Jesus, And overcame that vulnerability with the third nature of him, the Holy Spirit. Which seeks to dwell in man to have a measure of influence on him, and assume responsibility for him. Satan just likes to take God’s kindness for weakness. You can relate to that. But Satan will always loose.

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